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We need your special help!

The Mahkato Wacipi Powwow always needs help from volunteers. Volunteer tasks include parking, general security, grounds keeping, and runners/general help. Volunteers receive a free day's admission and the grateful appreciation of the Committee.

Group volunteering is welcome as well and encouraged! Please encourage your friends to join you in volunteering for this great event!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Alice. Please be sure to include your contact information so we can contact you by phone or email.

Pidamiya! We look forward to seeing you at our Powwow!


Our Mahkato Wacipi pow wow committee is looking for motivated and eager high school and college students interested in increasing their experience and knowledge about our pow wow and culture through our unique service learning and volunteer program. Since 1993, we have had many high school and college students participate in our program. If you are interested, follow the instructions listed below. We look forward to having you be a part of our powwow this year.

This experience helps students to understand and appreciate the American Indian culture.

If anyone is interested in signing up to help out at the Mankato Powwow, follow the link listed to complete the form on the bottom of that page and press “submit”: Sign-up Form

Service-Learning Provides Educational Experiences

A national study of Learn and Serve America programs suggests that effective service-learning programs improve grades, increase attendance in school, and develop students' personal and social responsibility. A growing body of research recognizes service-learning as an effective strategy to help students by:

Promoting learning through active participation in service experiences

Providing structured time for students to reflect by thinking, discussing and writing about their service experience

Providing an opportunity for students to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations

Extending learning beyond the classroom and into the community

Fostering a sense of caring for others

Service learning is an educational method that involves students in challenging tasks that meet genuine community needs and requires the application of knowledge, skills and systematic reflection on the experience. - National Youth Leadership Council

For more information, contact: Alice

See first hand what you can do as a volunteer:

Here are a few quotes from previous
service learning students!

"My service learning experience at the PowWow was very educational! Being around other cultures and learning about their customs is great!"

“I think the Pow wow was a big turning point for me. I realized that it is interesting and fun to learn about other cultures. Spending the whole weekend with a different race/culture was eye-opening and I loved it! Meeting new people is what I love to do, so it was perfect. This experience makes me want to get out and do it more.”

"I learned a lot when I worked at the PowWow for my service learning."

“The service learning assignment went a long ways in my cultural competence. I got to connect and understand with the Native American culture.”